Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Maybe this year Linus Torvalds is right

Lets place some facts together:
  • Dell is successfully shipping desktops and laptops with Ubuntu Linux for quite a while, and recently has updated it's line.
  • Asus EEE PC is a huge hit in US and it is shipped with Xandros Linux.
  • Everex Green PC is one of the bestsellers at Wal-Mart and it is shipped with modified Ubuntu Linux (gOS) .
  • Acer is starting a pilot in Australia, shipping it's low end laptops preinstalled with Linux.
  • Shuttle introduced an Everex Green PC competitor for similar price. Also running Ubuntu.
  • Everex is expected to start shipping their Cloudbook laptops with similar characteristics as Asus EEE PC and also at similar price. Will be shipped with gOS.
  • Lenovo has announced , that it would ship R61 and T61 Thinkpad laptops with SUSE Linux.
  • There are small companies like System76, ZaReason that, for quite a while, offer Linux based systems.
  • There are companies that offer Linux based thin clients as products (Koolu) or as service (Zonbu).
  • There are OpenMoko and Google Android projects providing Linux in cellular phones.
  • Mirus are selling another sub $200 desktop, with Linspire Linux at Sears.

Do we have a trend here?
I think that we do.
Perhaps it is not long for Linux to go mainstream.

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