Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How much maliciously greedy can you be?

How much maliciously greedy can you be?
The answer from American record and motion picture industries - never enough.

RIAA is suing another 10 y.o. girl, while suing the satellite radio service because there might be a way for subscribers to save the broadcasted compositions. Well done!

Non PC rant...

In oder to fully demonstrate their readinesses for peace talks, Palestinians have conducted the following activities:
  • A week of the Holy Martyrs (Shahids) in Beit Lechem university, in order to commemorate the "freedom fighter" Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
  • New "celebration fireworks" rockets were tested in evacuated settlement Neve Dekalim by peace movement Hammas
  • The League of Arab Nations has presented a just claim to stop the Jewish immigration to Israel
Ahh... Anв we are supplying them with electricity and transferring money to them.
Let them drown in their own shit.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Microsoft Executive: If You're Going To Steal Software, Steal From Us

Pirating Microsoft's software actually helps Microsoft, this is what many smart people said in the recent 15 years.
This time Microsoft's executive admits it. And this comes from a company wasting millions on DRM technology research, and infesting their products with it to the core.

While buying Microsoft's products is way worse then pirating it, pirating is a bad thing as well. Because in both ways there is only one looser, the consumer.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New banknote...

From my email box:
The new banknote from the Bank of Israel:

Justice, sort of...

One of the Neturei Karta who participated in Holocaust denial conference in Tehran, found out that he no longer welcome in the Haredi community.

Moshe Aryeh Friedman got famous for the lovely picture of him kissing with
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Last Friday he was beaten by other members of the ultra religious movement during events to commemorate one of the leader of the Hasidic movement Ali Melekh from Lijaysk.
When the word passed that there is one of the Holocaust deniers is a member of one of the delegations, it caused a storm among the other delegations. A group of Hasidim have beaten him up and took away his clothes that identify his as a religious Jew, to the satisfaction of all other members.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

For Geeks only

OS/2 Warp


On a happy note.
It was Purim yesterday!
The kids were walking out of schools in costumes of every shape form or color. Many workers in various places like banks, offices and stores were wearing funny hats, and colors on their faces.
Even the beggars were not missing out:

Developer friendly

I have a feeling that there is an aspect of GNU/Linux, *BSD and other open source development that should have more attention.
In recent years Linux has gone a long way, improving both in server and desktop applications. however in order to surpass it's competitors, it needs to satisfy the needs of both users and the developers.
There are a lot of great tools for developers in open source community, but there is almost no open source rapid development tools present.
One of the most valuable resources that a developer has is his time. This is the reason why many developers prefer Windows as a development platform. Open source community desperately needs something like the Visual Studio in order to bring the developers to their side.
Open source must become developer friendly again.

The media IS to blame

I watched a press conference where MK Asterina Taterman defending herself from the onslaught waged on her by the media.
Disgusting when the press keeps hammering the person, even after he or she presented the proof of the press being wrong. Disgusting was the attitude of the Channel 2, where the reporter allowed himself a cynical remark "the media is always to blame" commenting Taterman's defense.
In this case, yes, you are to blame and guilty as hell!
The attitude of the media, that it can crush anyone they wish, destroy his good name, just because they don't like his political agenda, without the opportunity to defend himself or herself is almost criminal.
Dear journalists, let me remind you your job, because it seams, that you have forgot, what is your job about.
Your job is about bringing the information to the people and letting them to draw their own conclusions. Your job is to bring this information in as objective way as it can be done, no matter how difficult it is. It is not your job to tell us what to think.