Friday, July 28, 2006

That "ratio"

I'm getting sick each time I read, or hear someone complaining about the "unacceptable ratio" of 5:1, 10:1 or more when talking about the casualties on each front Israel is fighting on.
Here is one perfect example by blogger calling himself Patrick.
Dear Patrick, or any other sharing his opinion, let me ask you a question. Would you be happier if there was a different ratio?
I can understand if you were concerned with casualties on both sides, or even just the Lebanese (in other cases Palestinian) side, but if you just care for the ratio....
Well, there is no pretty way to say it. You can always try to "fix" the ratio by joining the Hezbollah or the Al Qaeda, they are always recruiting. Just remember to stick a shooting mark on your forehead, if you do.

"We were right"

A few days ago, on my way from work, I saw group of people from the settler movement setting up a big placate near the Arlosorov rail station in Tel Aviv. The placate was from black cloth, with big orange letters sewed to it saying "צדקנו", meaning "We were right" in Hebrew.
Consider the facts:
  • We are at war in Lebanon which Israel has withdrawn from.
  • There are warnings from intelligence that Gaza (another major Israeli withdrawal) is moving rapidly in direction to become a second Lebanon.
  • The Egyptian army has failed miserably to prevent weapons from being smuggled into Gaza strip.
I don't know if it is the right time to look for who was right or wrong, but I guess that few can argue with them now with a straight face.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TV interactive game, "Al Manar" style

Mignews (Russ.) reports that Hezbollah's TV channel "Al Manar", has invited it's viewers to participate in a new TV show - "Guess the fourth surprise for Israel by Hezbollah".
At the beginning of the show there is Nasrallah's speech about the three "surprises for Israel" prepared by Hezbollah. The fourth surprise is shown in a form of a riddle. There are four words, the first is spelled by 5 letters, the second by 2, third by 4 and the fourth by 5.
The two word in the middle could be "Tel Aviv", however it is just a guess. It could also be just a scoop for rating.

I think that Nasrallah is busy playing another game, called "hide and seek" with the IAF...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thank you, but not thank you!

Indonesia offers troops to peacekeeping force in Lebanon

A good joke, considering Indonesian attitude to Israel.
International community, any other candidates? Perhaps Saudi Arabia, or Sweden? Or maybe Pakistan and Libya? Someone who is not partial, of course.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Better than any conspiracy theory

Just heard a smart and very logical opinion, explaining the reasons behind Hezbollah's attack and it's timing.

At these day the Iranian nuclear dossier was passed to the UN security council. When the Iranians have learnt about this, the Iranian minister of foreign affairs visited Damask - read Hezbollah.
See the logic?
If no, let me help you.
It was calculated that if this attack to succeed, then Israel would be compelled to respond, and to respond harsh.
Now, what do you think the UN security council will be discussing? The Iranian dossier or Israel's operation in Lebanon?

About assymetrical response...

To anyone who is crying about assymetrical response from Israel, consider this:
There are Kassam rockets in the south, there are Katusha rockets in the north and in the center there are suicide bombers.
If anyone thinks that this situation is acceptable, please know, that this person is delusional.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It is the time for the Lebanese to decide what they really want

I refrained from writing about the recent developments to this point.
My first sentiment was, and to a point still is like Harry's. It is a war.

I also read some Lebanese and Egyptian bloggers. Some of them support the Hezbollah, some don't. Some cry, why the hell they (Hezbollah) did it now, hurting the upcoming tourist season. One blogger called Israelis cowards, for not going for the real perpetrators, the Syria and Iran. He also called the Israeli PM Olmert a wimp, something that I agree with. Another hoped, that perhaps Israel will disarm the Hezbollah for them (Lebanon).

You want to know why they did it? Because they can, because YOU LET THEM. Stop whining that it isn't in your interests, cry like your government that you have nothing to do with that. You are responsible for the situation, whether you support the Hezbollah actively, or passively by inaction.
You don't agree with Hezbollah? You don't want to be puppets in Iran and Syria's hands? Then stand up against them! Go out and make your government to act. Disarm the Hezbollah yourself. Seal the border with Syria, take the matters into your hands. Don't cry that you can't do it. If you believe that you can't, them ask for help. File an official request for military assistance from the NATO. I bet they will approve such request in matter of hours.
Do it, and in 5 years tops, you will live in a totally different country. The country many of you dream of.
If you don't... Be ready to carry the consequences.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Pizza penalty

Germans found a curious way to spoil the game for Italians:
The Tageszeitung newspaper printed the telephone numbers of more than 40 pizza restaurants from around Germany and suggested readers call them just as the match in Dortmund kicks off. "Here's how we'll annoy the Italians tonight - order pizza at 9pm" declared the Berlin-based daily.

The paper printed a picture of pizza chefs serenading guests with a guitar above the caption: "The Italian dough-kneaders are singing now but they'll have to bake thousands of pizzas instead of watching football tonight."

I don't know about this. I think that the Tageszeitung just made the owners of those restaurants very happy. I just hope that the hostilities will stay at the pizza levels.

Monday, July 03, 2006

SCO looses a major one

At last the SCO grotesque case is coming to a conclusion:

A Utah judge has dismissed a large portion of the claims that SCO filed against IBM in its ongoing Linux case.


The judge was unimpressed with SCO's case. "It is almost like SCO sought to hide its case until the ninth inning in hopes of gaining an unfair advantage" despite being repeatedly told to put "all evidence on the table", she wrote.

She furthermore scorned SCO's defence, which argued it was not necessary to provide IBM with the disputed code.

"The court finds SCO's arguments unpersuasive. SCO's arguments are akin to SCO telling IBM sorry we are not going to tell you what you did wrong because you already know," she said.

A pity, that it took three (3!) years for the judge to realize that.

I'm waiting for all the suckers, who surrendered to SCO's extortion and intimidation, to sue them , demanding their money back. I don't think that Microsoft would cover their ass now.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Find the differences

Hat tip to [info]gosha

Open letter to Mideast Youth bloggers

Dear friends from the Mideast Youth blog. I would like to tell how I appreciate your decision to take the hard an possibly dangerous job to enlighten people in the Middle East and beyond.
However, I would like to bring your attention to several issues when you are addressing your interest towards Israel and the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

First, be careful when you rely on media sources like BBC, Reuters, AP and Guardian Unlimited. These editions are notoriously known not to be objective when covering Middle East. Meryl Yourish has became an expert in catching them red-handed, on bias against Israel. I suggest, that you broaden your sources, when you write about conflicts in the Middle East.

Second, please refrain from drawing parallels between Israeli security forces and Hamas, Fatah and similar organizations.
There are several important differences, which make such comparisons inadequate.
The most crucial difference, possibly to your surprise, is in attitude toward the value of human life. As Esra'a previously mentioned, Hamas and their associates have very little, if any, respect for human lives, even for their own people. On the other hand, IDF places the value of human lives in very high priority. Many operations are affected by these considerations, some times at very high cost.

Commenting on Esra'a's latest comparison:
"And that's coming from the very same people who keep claiming that Hamas are the ones not willing to negotiate any deals. Why can't they make certain exceptions if any form of "peace" is a possibility?"

Can you really, honestly, compare the refusal to accept your right exist, let alone negotiations about long term settlement, with a refusal to negotiate with terrorists who are holding hostages.
Hardly a fair comparison, don't you think?

As for your claim that negotiations are necessary, does it really needed to explain how irresponsible it would be for Israel, to agree to the kidnappers demands?