Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Google closing Aardvark

Google has decided to close Aardvark.
I hope that they wouldn't.
Aardvark is a service that allows you ask a question and the system would refer it to a person (volunteer) that reported to have knowledge about the subject.
This system works best for question that a human would answer better than any Google search.
Let's hope that Google would use this technology in their searches someday, if they kill the project after all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New GWT Tools

Google has brought out some very elaborate tools for web development. Developing these tools must have required considerate effort and money. Why would a company develop these tools and deliver them for free?
My guess is that these tools are designed to come in complement with Chrome Apps store and intended for the coming Chrome OS.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Flotilla of Provocation

This is my translation of "Flotilla of Provocation" by Voitenko Michael

The big headline of today - the storm of the "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" by the Israeli military, which, as declared, carried humanitarian aid intended for the Gaza strip, which is blockaded by Israel without proper authority.The fleet's flagship, cruise ship called Mavi Marmara (525 tons deadweight, buit in 1994, sailing under flag of Comora and operated by Turkiye Denizcilik Isletmeleri Denizyollari Isletmesi Mudurlugu), was taken by storm, resulting in several people dead, exact number unknown. The progressive mankind is furious and demanding that the Israeli war machine to be brought to justice. The old and familiar case - would the USSR still exist, by the evening the "masses of workers" would be brought to protest demonstrations, where they, yawning as usual, would ask each other, what is the matter and who do we protest against this time.

This whole story, from the pretentious name "Gaza Freedom Flotilla", to thousands miles and even more, smells like a very elaborate provocation. It has been declared that the flotilla cariies 10,000 tons of cargo, strictly humanitarian. Look at the photo of the fleet's flagship, the Mavi Marmara, and tell me where do you see the cargo holds. There are none. On the other hand there are 750 activists, that would eat and drink more than it would cost to deliver these 10,000 tons of cargo. There are 6 (six) vessels, while for the 10,000 tons, it would be sufficient to chart only one small cargo ship, which would cost much less than one Mavi Marmara. The question - why one would chart an expensive cruise ship and load on it 750 parasites, charting another 5 ships for the cargo, 5, when only one would be sufficient?

Let's assume that I'm set out to deliver 10,000 tons of cargo to the Gaza strip and I do not have any other hidden agendas. While at it, the shipper what's to save costs, as it should be. What would I do? I would freight a descent cargo ship, meanwhile I would make inquiries about the status in Gaza, and if my ship can reach it without issues. I would be told that it would not. Then I'd ask about the cargo. I would be answered that it would, under the condition that it would pass through an Israeli port, where it would be checked for restricted materials, since the strip is controlled by Hamas, which most of the world classifies as a terrorist organization. I'd make sure to inquire which goods are allowed and which are restricted. I woudl agree tho the terms. Next I would ask how can I make sure that the cargo would reach the target? I would be told, that I can take whoever I like, observers, journalists, as ling as they are peaceful and unarmed. I would take the ship, load the cargo, and a dozen of journalists and rights activists, and calmly set off on my way. The cargo could be in the strip a long time ago.

On the other hand, let's assume that my agenda is different - to make sure that the cargo is stopped, while at it someone to get hurt, and to make as much noise and yells for the whole world to hear. Let's assume that I was told thet the money is not an issue, and the humanitarian supplies and other nonsense, is all for cover, and the main goal is to show the world the inhumane face of Israel.Assuming that I was tempted by the offer, I would rent an expensive cruiser, which is totally unsuited to cargo transfer. I load 750 people, take whoever I can as long as they are loud and some are armed and violent. As for the cargo, which would contain, deliberately, forbidden items, so to make sure that it would be detained, I would chart 5 ships, since I don't need a cargo transfer. I need a "Gaza Freedom Flotilla". I would take this flotilla and for a long and boring trip around the Mediterranean, in order to produce the required hype. Finally, as I would be sure that the whole world knows about my flotilla, and everyone is already interested, I would rush the fleet to the forbidden waters, hopping that, in the last minute, the Israeli authorities wouldn't withdraw and storm the fleet.

I wouldn't be disappointed. The ships were intercepted. When they boarded the flagship, where they were met with my 750 noise makers, and not just them. I succeded in my mission - a scandal for the whole world, the progressive mankind is professionally indignant, Europe calling Israel to justice. Who cares about the cargo? I don't care and don't want to, since I wasn't hired for it.

This is, in my view, the whole story about the "Gaza Freedom Flotilla", which deserves a better name as a "Flotilla of Provocation".

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sharing a printer from Windows 7 to Vista/XP

Many people encounter a problem, when trying to share a local (USB) printer from Windows 7 to it's older cousins, like Windows XP, or Vista.

The problem is that many manufacturers (HP, Canon, etc.) have decided to package their printer drivers into executable installer file, instead of using Microsoft's "inf" file format with libraries.
Windows printer sharing service allows to provide drivers for others versions of Windows for the guest computers, however it requires drivers in the "inf" file format. On the other hand, the guest system can use it's own drivers, if the server (host) doesn't have the correct version, then again it requires the "inf" format. So, apparently, we are in a deadlock.

Fortunately there is a trick that helps to avoid this deadlock.
You will need to:
  1. Install the printer locally on the guest and host machines.
  2. On the host machine to share the printer
  3. On the guest machine
    1. Go to the printer's preferences (right click ->  preferences)
    2. Go to port tab
    3. Add port -> Local port -> enter the shared printer's network path (eg. \\PC\Printer).
    4. Confirm
  4. Check that it works.
This way we make Windows to use the installed drivers, even if the manufacturer didn't provide the "inf" files installer (probably on purpose).

Hat tip to user kgo08 on Tom's Hardware forums.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Mail for Exchange breaks Google Sync support

Nokia has never officially supported Mail for Exchange for use with Google Sync, however even without the official support, it worked. Unfortunately with the introduction of Mail for Exchange 3.0, syncing mail does not work anymore with Google Sync.
Google, obviously do not use MS Exchange, rather they provided with their own implementation of the protocol, possibly buggy and/or incomplete.
Nokia on their side point at Google that their implementation is incompatible, meanwhile made the previous working version unavailable, probably wanting to favor their Symbian over Android and crappy Ovi service over Google's.
Google on their side, do nothing, and being Google, probably do not care too much, and/or do not want to promote Symbian.

So here, users of Google services with Nokia devices are left out in the cold, without support from neither company.

Good work, Nokia and Google.

My  local Nokia representative was kind enough to provide me with a last working version (2.9.158) of Mail For Exchange for my device.