Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Peace keepers in Lebanon II

Well, obviously, it was something to be expected.
Mignews reports (Rus) that there are already Hezbollah flags on the Lebanon - Israeli border, while the UN and the Lebanese armed forces prefer not to interfere.

For now there are just flags, but the bunkers are just a matter of time.

Remember me telling you that the UN is a joke?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rephrasing Henry A. Kissinger

Rephrasing Henry A. Kissinger:

Ninety percent of the UN members give the other ten percent a bad reputation.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Morning train prayer

I saw something beautiful this morning.
On the train from Beer Sheba to Tel Aviv, I happened to be in a car with a few religious people. One of them started putting on a tefillin for the morning prayer, the "Shacharit" and soon others followed him. On the way more and more people started joining them. Old and young, army soldiers, and people going to work, Ashkeazi ans Sefearadi, all joined in a common prayer.
I was touched, by seeing this moving improvised synagogue.

Afterwards one of the soldiers asked me if I was a journalist. LOL! He saw me photographing the people praying. I told him that I'm a blogger. Had to explain, what it is a blog afterwards thou.

From him I understood, that was pretty spontaneous, thou it happens occasionally on praying hours of the "Mincha", "Shacharith" and "Arvit".

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The farmer and the thief

I suppose it is an old new for you, but I going to talk about the case when an Israeli farmer, named Shay Dromi, shot two of four Bedouin thieves, killing one, wounding another.

There are several perspectives to this incident.
One is that these farmers at the south of of Israel, and not only them are being robed of their property constantly for the last decade and it is getting worse. The police fails to stop or even minimize the proportions of this plague and the farmers and residents of nearby and not so nearby town and cities pay the price. A week and a half ago in Rehovot, a police officer was stubbed in the neck with a screw driver by a Bedouin car thief. He is still in critical condition.
In this particular case the farm owner has slept in his barn in order to protect hos property. Only one month before, like in this case, his dogs were poisoned and his tractor was stolen. This time they were back for sheep.
It is up to the court of law to decide was there an act of self defense or not, but our laws and our courts are a part of that problem.
Unfortunately, while the police is inefficient in apprehending the thieves, they are too effective in prosecuting the defenders of their property.
And the thieves know thins, and they get bold. They go to steal fearlessly, since they know that they are protected by the law.
Now this farmer is going to face criminal charges for murder, in best case for man slaughter.

The second perspective is that from the Bedouin side. The government, busy in filling their pockets and dodging criminal investigations, are too busy to take a look at the abysmal situation the Bedouin population is in. 80% of the Bedouin population in unregistered settlements are unemployed. They are driven away from their traditional way of life and left unequipped to move on. Therefore many turn to crime.

The third perspective, is how the press covers the event.
While most media channels described the impossible situation the farmer was in, and to some extent the situation that the of Bedouin population, some decided to look at it from their subjective point of view. Haaretz, for example, "forgot" to mention that the Mr. Drori was attempting to provide medical assistance to the men he shot when the police and the medical teams arrived. They have decided to tell that he "wasn't cooperative with the investigators and demanded a lawyer", which is, as far as I remember, his legal right.
The public, on the other hand, judging from the comments sections in the MSM web sites, are very supportive of Shay Dromi with an approximate ratio of 300:1.

What happened to The Thought Mill?

I've just noticed that The Thought Mill, run by Deborah is not available.
I hope it is only temporally.

Deborah, is everything alright?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Changing the look

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert has passed a cosmetic surgery to reshape his brows.

Nice try prime minister, but your eyes still look lying.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Perhaps I'll be back this time...

Every weekend I try to find the time to blog, yet every time I find other important things to do.
i thought that now that I have my new toy it would also help my blogging, but... yep you know the excuse - every time I find other important things to do.
Now that I do have ideas to blog about, I struggle to find the time.

I can't promise but I'll try to improve... :)