Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Jerks on the road

In the past two weeks I've got to drive more that I'm used to, and consequently got more than my usual dose of jerks behind the steering wheel.
So I got this idea to make a web site called something like (or something like that), and with help from the public, armed with their digital (or other) cameras photographing all the jerks and traffic offenders on the road, and posting their photos on the site with brief explanation of the scene.
Not sure that idea would work or do any good, but if it would...

Monday, July 25, 2005

Robert Kiyosaki is right

I hope that I'm quoting it right:
The most important lesson we could learn from history, is that nobody learns from history
I his book "Rich dad, poor dad" Robert Kiyosaki has stated that the rich will always find a way to work the current situation to their benefit. One example that was given by him is the history of tax law. Before the twentieth century there was no general income tax in US. There were special taxes for specific reasons, like an for a specific war. Then people thought that making general tax will make the rich to pay for the people needs, but they were outsmarted. In fact most of the tax burden lays on the shoulders (and pockets) of the middle class, while the rich get richer.
Now, after a brief history lesson, I come to the main idea. The socialists made a variety of laws to protect the rights of the employees. Guess what? Right! They were outsmarted again. The manpower companies were introduced, allowing companies, even at considerable expense, to clear themselves from the responsibility toward the employees. Sounds familiar?

Intel will build a new plant in Israel

Congratulations colleagues! Yesterday Intel has announced that a new plant will be built in Kiriat Gat which will employ about 2000 employees directly and some 200 more in services.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

The disengagement will be disastrous for the Palestinians

Even that the disengagement has barely began, there are already fighting among the various Palestinian groups. Two days ago a PA armored vehicle was burned by the crowd. It is only a matter of time until the real fighting will break out, and by the time Israel would completely pull out of the Gaza strip, the will be complete chaos.
If it was Mr. Sharon's plan to destroy the PA, then, I believe, it is going to succeed.

After a long silence

The last few weeks were busy. So busy that I hadn't the time or the will to update my blog. Even thou that this period is not yet over, I hope that I won't be absent for so long again.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ugly politics vs bliss of ignorance

Durin is right, politics is bad for digestion. It's a slime ball and the future doesn't seem too bright. Unfortunately, putting your head in the sand, thou would do the trick for digestion, in general is a bad idea. It won't solve the problem, even worse, it leaves the solution of your problems in the hands of people, with whom you wouldn't want to trust your fate. Ignorance is a bliss, some say. Well it is, but there is too high a price to pay. Ignorance in not in my book.

Так как, к сожалению, обсуждение на этой теме перешло допустимые границы, и перешло на личности, пост я закрываю.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I changed my mind

Couple of days ago I had an interesting conversation about software patenting. It is good to hear another point of view. I actually changed my mind about the matter. From being totally anti, I believe that software patents should exist, but not in the form that they are today.
Software patents were made to protect and uphold healthy competition, not to choke it. Unfortunately current legislation (in US) is often abused, mostly by big corporations in order to establish monopoly, or as a mean to blackmail those corporations. Therefore, as is, software patenting causes more damage that good, and shouldn't be used. On the other hand, ideas should be protected, that's patents are for.