Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is Putin delusional?

I would like to combine what I've heard, read and seen for the last few years and combine it all into a theory that I've come to about Mr. Vladimir Putin.

There is a continuous trend in declarations and actions by Russian administration, that Russia is up again and ready to take the place of the former Soviet Union in cold confrontation with USA.
Many consider all of the anti American sentiments part of the Putin's government's propaganda for domestic consumption. I think that they are wrong. Even if they were right to some extend, it was obvious that some day it would make it to Russia's foreign policy.

I think that Mr Putin is caught in the soviet reality, and he projects this reality on Russia's policy on every "front".

I think that Putin actually believes in "The West's" ambition to conquer Russia and all of the former Soviet Republics.
If you assume that I'm right, you can easily understand Putin's position on NATO's expansion to the east and how it must fuel his suspicions. So goes for the war in Yugoslavia and Iraq. The situation around Iran and North Korea.
Now if you look the missile systems that US wants to deploy in Europe from Putin's perspective you can see nothing but another step in the plan to conquer Russia, and all the promises and explanations that these are steps against nuclear Iran, look, at best, as cheap trick to fool the public opinion.

Unfortunately such convictions, which are often called paranoia, are really hard to cure. Often such patients require compulsory hospitalization. Being the president of the state, Putin may only be hospitalized by the Russian people, but at this stage, they are either too scared, don't care, or share his delusions.

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