Thursday, April 14, 2005

Antisemitic out – anti-Israeli in

I read today about the latest vote in the UN. Amazing, amongst all countries including Libya, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Cuba and others there is no other country, except maybe for SAR, that ever received so many resolutions against it. It looks like being anti-Israeli is more then just a fashion, it's a way to acceptance in global sandbox.

Not so long ago, French ambassador complained about anti-French moods in Israeli press. He said, that in Israel, there is a common opinion that everybody is against us, and wondered that every time France is accused in antisemitism. I wonder why...

One wise person, I don't really remember his name, said that today, it is regarded a bad tone to be an antisemite, but there is a neat solution – to be anti-Israeli. That's not xenophobia, that's condemnation of Israeli politics. So pure and moral of them!

If only Israel's population was not a mere 6+ million, but at least 45 the situation would be much different.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The copy-unrighteousness or I had enough...

This got to stop. The big corporation are pushing it, beyond the red line. The whole thing about copyright and patents is pushed out of proportions. It is used not to protect intellectual property, but hammer competition, prosecute opponents and to do many more ugly things. There has to be made a clear difference between actual property and intellectual one. Because knowledge has to be an asset of all humanity and not some privileged individuals. There has to be made a fair compromise. There were time that intellectual property was underprotected, but now it has become overprotected, to an absurd extend. An obvious example is software patents. By definition software cannot be patented, it can only be copyrighted. It is an obvious and ugly attempt of big corporations (who lobbied this law) to get rid of the competition. The whole patent idea was created to protect a small starting business from such corporations, but nowadays it is cynically used by the corporations to crush such firms.
My opinion is:
  • Software patents have to be abolished, unconditionally.
  • Copyright has to be limited to 40 years.
  • DRM systems are to be prohibited.
  • Copyright must be separated from the media carrying the protected content. What I mean, is when you buy a copyrighted content on one type of a media, you won't have to pay for copyright again when you buy the same content on a different media.
If piracy is the only measure I have to combat them, then I'm proud to be a pirate!