Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Mail for Exchange breaks Google Sync support

Nokia has never officially supported Mail for Exchange for use with Google Sync, however even without the official support, it worked. Unfortunately with the introduction of Mail for Exchange 3.0, syncing mail does not work anymore with Google Sync.
Google, obviously do not use MS Exchange, rather they provided with their own implementation of the protocol, possibly buggy and/or incomplete.
Nokia on their side point at Google that their implementation is incompatible, meanwhile made the previous working version unavailable, probably wanting to favor their Symbian over Android and crappy Ovi service over Google's.
Google on their side, do nothing, and being Google, probably do not care too much, and/or do not want to promote Symbian.

So here, users of Google services with Nokia devices are left out in the cold, without support from neither company.

Good work, Nokia and Google.

My  local Nokia representative was kind enough to provide me with a last working version (2.9.158) of Mail For Exchange for my device.