Saturday, March 03, 2007

The media IS to blame

I watched a press conference where MK Asterina Taterman defending herself from the onslaught waged on her by the media.
Disgusting when the press keeps hammering the person, even after he or she presented the proof of the press being wrong. Disgusting was the attitude of the Channel 2, where the reporter allowed himself a cynical remark "the media is always to blame" commenting Taterman's defense.
In this case, yes, you are to blame and guilty as hell!
The attitude of the media, that it can crush anyone they wish, destroy his good name, just because they don't like his political agenda, without the opportunity to defend himself or herself is almost criminal.
Dear journalists, let me remind you your job, because it seams, that you have forgot, what is your job about.
Your job is about bringing the information to the people and letting them to draw their own conclusions. Your job is to bring this information in as objective way as it can be done, no matter how difficult it is. It is not your job to tell us what to think.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Wait a second, weren't they actually right? That's what I've been hearing everywhere...

Woland said...

They were right only partially, but nevertheless, would they be right in 100% about this, their attitude was below any criticism.
I have no good sentiments toward MK Taterman. Would she be a thief caught stealing from an orphanage, and the reporter would have behaved like that, in my book, that reporter should share the cell with her.

The Channel 2 really pissed me off that day.