Saturday, March 03, 2007

Developer friendly

I have a feeling that there is an aspect of GNU/Linux, *BSD and other open source development that should have more attention.
In recent years Linux has gone a long way, improving both in server and desktop applications. however in order to surpass it's competitors, it needs to satisfy the needs of both users and the developers.
There are a lot of great tools for developers in open source community, but there is almost no open source rapid development tools present.
One of the most valuable resources that a developer has is his time. This is the reason why many developers prefer Windows as a development platform. Open source community desperately needs something like the Visual Studio in order to bring the developers to their side.
Open source must become developer friendly again.


Yury Puzis said...

Have you tried Eclipse? It's plugin system can extend it beyond anything Visual Studio has ever done. At least from what I know.

Woland said...

What do you use?
Besides emacs ;)