Thursday, February 22, 2007

Could Dell's IdeaStorm be a roar of a comming avalanche?

The whole tech related media is in a buzz about the Dell IdeaStorm project where Dell's customers had an opportunity to give feedback about the company's products and services.

The most common request was Dell machines with Linux preinstalled with or instead of Windows. Among other requests were: Open Office instead of Microsoft Office, machines without OS preinstalled and many more.

There are skeptics that say that talk is cheap, and it is quite possible that Dell would actually don nothing about people's requests. However there are publications that Dell executives are showing interest in the results of the project.

How comes the real question, should Dell adopt Linux, would it trigger other major players such and HP, Lenovo and others to follow?
If it would, then it would cause an avalanche effect, making Linux Desktop an industry standard in a single day.

What is also interesting, what dirty tricks Microsoft would attempt in order to prevent this from happening and what will they do, if, or when they fail?

There are still a lot of "if"s, but I will hold my fingers crossed, and no, not for Microsoft.

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