Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TV interactive game, "Al Manar" style

Mignews (Russ.) reports that Hezbollah's TV channel "Al Manar", has invited it's viewers to participate in a new TV show - "Guess the fourth surprise for Israel by Hezbollah".
At the beginning of the show there is Nasrallah's speech about the three "surprises for Israel" prepared by Hezbollah. The fourth surprise is shown in a form of a riddle. There are four words, the first is spelled by 5 letters, the second by 2, third by 4 and the fourth by 5.
The two word in the middle could be "Tel Aviv", however it is just a guess. It could also be just a scoop for rating.

I think that Nasrallah is busy playing another game, called "hide and seek" with the IAF...

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Deborah said...

The dude just doesn't want to lose face.