Friday, July 14, 2006

Better than any conspiracy theory

Just heard a smart and very logical opinion, explaining the reasons behind Hezbollah's attack and it's timing.

At these day the Iranian nuclear dossier was passed to the UN security council. When the Iranians have learnt about this, the Iranian minister of foreign affairs visited Damask - read Hezbollah.
See the logic?
If no, let me help you.
It was calculated that if this attack to succeed, then Israel would be compelled to respond, and to respond harsh.
Now, what do you think the UN security council will be discussing? The Iranian dossier or Israel's operation in Lebanon?


Irina Tsukerman said...

An interesting opinion, indeed. Are there any articles online about it? It would be good to link to.

TigerHawk said...

I've been wondering about that myself, and that was my first view. But then I realized, won't this remind everybody why it is so dangerous for Iran to get a nuclear weapon?

Woland said...

Irina, it was aired the the Russian speaking Israeli channel 9.
I'll look for some info backing it up. As far as I know, the Iranian minister of foreign affairs is still in Damask. One opinion says that it is to prevent Israel from attacking Syria, or to give an excuse for Iran to openly participate in the conflict.

Tigerhawk, would it really?
It gives the perfect excuse for those who do not wish to severe relations with Iran, not to do so.

American cousin said...

Oh, please. Is there anyone in the world who cares about what the Security Council of the United Nations discusses?

TonyGuitar said...

And I agree. Israel is missing the target. The target is the commander of Hezbollah. That is Ahamadinejad in Tehran, not Ratwala in Lebanon.

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Woland said...

American cousin: Unfortunately too many, who shouldn't have, and to few that should.

TonyGuitar: Electric car would good, but switching power plants from oil to alternative energy sources would hurt them much more. About 80% (if I'm not mistaken) of oil consumed is used for generating electricity. I have posted some of my ideas on the matter.