Thursday, July 13, 2006

It is the time for the Lebanese to decide what they really want

I refrained from writing about the recent developments to this point.
My first sentiment was, and to a point still is like Harry's. It is a war.

I also read some Lebanese and Egyptian bloggers. Some of them support the Hezbollah, some don't. Some cry, why the hell they (Hezbollah) did it now, hurting the upcoming tourist season. One blogger called Israelis cowards, for not going for the real perpetrators, the Syria and Iran. He also called the Israeli PM Olmert a wimp, something that I agree with. Another hoped, that perhaps Israel will disarm the Hezbollah for them (Lebanon).

You want to know why they did it? Because they can, because YOU LET THEM. Stop whining that it isn't in your interests, cry like your government that you have nothing to do with that. You are responsible for the situation, whether you support the Hezbollah actively, or passively by inaction.
You don't agree with Hezbollah? You don't want to be puppets in Iran and Syria's hands? Then stand up against them! Go out and make your government to act. Disarm the Hezbollah yourself. Seal the border with Syria, take the matters into your hands. Don't cry that you can't do it. If you believe that you can't, them ask for help. File an official request for military assistance from the NATO. I bet they will approve such request in matter of hours.
Do it, and in 5 years tops, you will live in a totally different country. The country many of you dream of.
If you don't... Be ready to carry the consequences.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Ha! But blaming Israel is so much easiers.

Woland said...

Yap. Nothing new at that.
They only hope that they have some self respect left.