Monday, May 22, 2006

Tech support from Microsoft

My friend and I had a task of adding two computers to an existing network.
Some boring tech data:
Simplifying the network we had to build looks like this:

The problem was to connect the wireless station to the rest of the network so every computer could communicate with each other.
After struggling about 5 hours with this network we decided to call for help. Since all of the computers in that network have "genuine" Microsoft products, we decided to call Microsoft's official support.
Now the fun begins.
At first I've called identifying myself as home/private user. The Microsoft representative heard me out, then said that unfortunately they do not give support for networks. Instead she suggested that go to bother someone else Microsoft support forums.
Then we tried our luck representing ourselves as business/corporate user. We found out that for such user Microsoft technical support cost a mere 75$ per hour. We thought it over, called them again and told that we would pay, if we speak with their technician and he would say that he can solve the problem. They called back in 20 minutes. The first reaction of the technician after he heard the problem was "we do not support Windows 98". "OK", my friend told them,"what if would be Windows XP?"
The tech guy thought for couple of seconds and the responded: "I can't solve your problem."

How nice of them. I wonder what one pays for, when he buys Microsoft's products.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Microsoft support? He He.

Sorry I cannot be more encouraging...

Woland said...

Screw them. I use Linux for over a year now.
BTW, I'm experimenting how is it without the word verification. So far so good, until the spammers come back, of course.