Monday, May 01, 2006

Something free CAN be good

Something free can't be good.
This phrase I hear too often when I get to talk about Linux and other free software. It is some kind of a blind belief that dwells in too many minds. Common' people, can't you see?
GNU/Linux, Gecko engine and KHTML engine browsers (Mozilla and Konqueror families), MySQL, Apache web server, Open Office, *Mule, Bittorent, Theora + ogg and many more aren't good enough a proof for you? Or you need to be charged hundreds or even thousands of dollars to feel confident?


Anna said...

The thing is that people don't connect free & programs, they are not used to it. So they view this as a free product, and we all know that when you get a present for doing nothing it's usually trash. That's why they don't even try the free programs until someone ensures them it's a great program, ease to use...

Irina Tsukerman said...

Amazingly enough, this is the same question a friend asked me an e-mail recently. That's essentially what I said. People tend to look for ulterior motives, simply because they've been misled by false advertisement in the past so many times.