Saturday, May 20, 2006

150$ for cool color?

As you might know, Apple introduced a new laptop computer series called MacBook, which replaces the old iBooks series just as MacBook Pro replaces the PowerBook.
The new series consists from 3 preconfigured system which can be tailor fit by the buyer. The first model goes for 1099$, the second for 1299$, featuring higher clock speed and DVD writing ability. The third goes for 1499$ featuring 80Gb hard disk drive (60Gb in other models) and a cool black color instead of the classic Apple white.
Now, the upgrade from 60Gb to 80Gb in Apple online store costs only 50$, leaving 150$ for what? A cool black color?
Funny enough, some people think that it is worth the price. Perhaps it was Apple's gamble.

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