Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The results and the implications

The elections results are here, and I can't say, that I'm too happy with them. The most likely coalition would be Kadima, Labor, Shas and Gil resulting in 68 MK. Peretz would most likely to demand to become the minister of finance, Gil will get the ministry of healthcare and Shas - ministry of internal affairs.
Remembering the old "Israel baaliya"* slogan
MVD pod Shas control? MVD pod nash control!
(MIA under Shas control? MIA under our control - Russian)
It seems that this time "MVD pod Shas control".
Crap. I'm not even mentioning the possibility of Amir Peretz taking the MOF. This could have disastrous implications.

* Russian immigrant party, joined the Likud on previous elections.

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