Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Got to shorten my list

I'm using Opera as my RSS reader. I'm adding to my reading list blogs, that I fing interesting, informative or funny. Unfortunately I'm being overwhelmed by the daily amount of posts, resulting in screening my RSS list and not adding interesting blogs I would otherwise add.
Today I was shocked by 76 posts in 32 hours. Yeah, many of them (28) are crap by Laur, but even without him it is still too much. Something has to be done :o)
Meanwile I've developed a system to screen some pages:
  • Pages starting with words "Bloggin will be lite today..."
  • Sport related posts
  • Cat related posts
  • Traffic related posts
  • Posts that are too long
Sorry, I simply have no time to read them all.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Hey, what's wrong with cats!!!

Woland said...

Nothing wrong with cats!I just don't feel interested in reading how Laurence Simon's cat named Piper, or any other of his cats chased the neighbour's cat away in the zillion's time, or caught the first lizard of the year.
Sorry, I don't find that to fit into "useful", "fun" nor "interesting" classifications for me...
C'est la vie! :)