Monday, January 30, 2006

Aussie Dave vs Mr. S.

In the light of ongoing JIB Awards, a self hating Jew named Silverstein has launched a provocation in order to get some publicity at others expense. On his blog he trash talked about JIB Award, it's participants and organizers in provocative posts full with false facts, quotes of context and outward lies.
To my dismay, Dave has decided, instead of leaving this Silverstein to write to his 5+ regular readers (like I do *see below), to enter in discussion, therefore giving him exactly what he wanted - free traffic and publicity.

Dave, give some traffic to me instead! I can whine about JIBs too!

* To my devoted 5+ readers! Thank you!

Update (01/02/2006):
Finally Dave has done the right thing.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Agreeing with that post, I would recommend to drop using that cliche "self hating Jew".

Besides being crude, it is also incorrect. See here:

Woland said...

Point taken.
Will use self serving Jew instead.