Sunday, September 25, 2005


Shame! It is a great shame, what I see on my TV screen from the Likud party meeting. Shame on Likud, shame on the Knesset and shame on Israel. The disrespect shown to a head of state is unfitting to a ruling party.
I hope that the public will remember this day on the next elections. I sure will.


fefe said...

I wonder who will vote for Likud next elections.
-Anti disengagement will probably vote for someone else just because Sharon did it and they feel betrayed
-Pro disengagement were already mostly voting for the left.
-When they meet they sabotage each other's microphones, and behave ... incorrectly.
-All the corruption lawsuit are probably gonna restart just before next elections and that is going to achieve the work.

Well I can see why they're angry ;).

Woland said...

I believe that many people will ignore the next elections because lack of descent candidates.

Likud and Labor party have incriminated themselves in that way, that many feel that those parties are unfit being in Knesset, not speaking about leading the state.

Irina Tsukerman said...

The latest events have made me so paranoid that I'm wondering whether Sharon's supporters sabotaged the microphone for him just to evoke some sympathy. : (