Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Music videos hurt the music

Sadly I can constitute that in the last two years I have seen only a handful new artists that I want to listen to. The music industry became mostly industry leaving music behind. For the businessman music doesn't matter, the money does. Instead investing in young talents, they would hire another lawyer for RIA.
Back to the videos. On the radio you can sell record only by music or lyrics. On TV you can use other, less relevant to music, but nevertheless effective means like sex. And it took over. Sex rules both in male and female performances. Shaking ass and boobies took over singing and music. The sad thing, that they play the same crap on the radio!
That's why I hardly watch MTV anymore. Nor listen to most of the radio stations. I do watch the VH-1 channel, mostly for the old videos, when music did matter.

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