Saturday, September 24, 2005

The great "success" of the disengagement

It's not even a month after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and it's all over again.

Yesterday, during the military parade organized by Hamas in Jabaliya was an explosion in a truck loaded with Hamas militants and home-made weapons, resulting in 15 dead and about 80 wounded among the crowd and militants, including some Hamas leaders. Even the PA has admitted Hamas fault in this. But what a splendid opportunity for the Hamas to put the blame for their own screwup on Israel! Sure thing they took it, and this night, about 3 past midnight more then 20 Qassam rockets exploded in Israeli town Sderot, resulting in 5 wounded. Few hours later IDF retaliated in several locations in Gaza.

If the developments are going to proceed in this manner, then we will see another massive IDF operation in Gaza in a month, or so.

Was it all worth it?

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