Sunday, June 17, 2007

Name your true reasons

Everybody are concerned about the air pollution and the global warming.
One of the sides of this concern is many government's stimulation of more modern and less polluting vehicles. Newer and more economical cars, use less fossil fuels meaning less air pollution. Meanwhile the politicians and automobile industry are happy either, more new cars are sold more money pours, more jobs for the people, while less mechanical related accidents.

Well there is a pit fall that I wanted to mention. What about the pollution caused in the production of all the new vehicles? What about pollution from all the old cars needed to be recycled? Has anyone calculated the benefits of making new cars versus keeping the old? If someone did, who did get to see the results?

I have no issues with all the benefits to economics and traffic safety, just don't expect me to blindly believe that it is done for the ecological reasons and definitely not about global warming. You couldn't care less.

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