Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fedora 7 impressions

I'm by no means a Linux guru. I do know how to make some thing done or how to setup some servers, but not building a Linux system from scratch.
I'm telling you all this since I'm about to tell about my user experience with Fedora 7.

The whole impression, that I have to work harder to get simple tasks done.

At a glance it appears to have more professional flavor than Ubuntu, great artwork (unlike Ubuntu) and a more security driven approach. Here, however the benefits that I've seen end.

For starters, YUM sucks. It is slow, unresponsive with a lot less packages than Synaptic.
Next the tools that were made for ease of administration, the one that would benefit a lot to the overall impression of the distribution, wouldn't work because of some security settings, even with root privileges.
I couldn't make VNC to work for no obvious reason.
Apache wouldn't serve any pages even thou the setup seems to be just fine.

My encounters with Fedora have always been brief. Perhaps it has something to do with the thing that I'm accustomed to, yet neither Debian nor Open Suse weren't as much frustrating as Fedora as has been.

So far, I'm stuck with Fedora because of some hardware manufacturer for a specific, project. It means that I'll have to give it another chance. Who knows, perhaps I'll change my mind?

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