Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bloody hypocrites

Russia blames US for the death of Russian hostages in Iraq.
Did you get it? Russia blames not the Islamic terrorists, but US.
“We are saying openly that it is either governmental institutions or coalition forces that are responsible for order”

“We can see how the coalition forces are ’restoring order’.
Every day dozens of innocent people are dying, and now diplomats are getting killed, too. The responsibility for what is going on in Iraq lies upon those who sought mass destruction weapons here, but found nothing.”
Apparently they forgot about this small issue:
On Sunday, Arab in an Internet statement an Al-Qaeda terrorist group in Iraq said it had executed the four employees of the Russian Embassy in revenge for what they claimed was “the torture, killing and expulsion of our brothers and sisters by the infidel Russian government” in Chechnya.

I know, that I should stop marvel at their stupidity, but never manage to do that.
The rest is here.

Some Russian "experts" and politicians say that the whole kidnapping and beheading affair, is "a provocation by America's secret services".


Irina Tsukerman said...

I can't stand them.

Woland said...

You are not the only one.