Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another avoidable accident in Israel

Another horrific accident took place on Israeli railroads, this Monday. Near Beit-Yehoshua a train hit another truck witch got stuck, again, on the railways, this time after accident with another vehicle. The outcome: 5 dead 150 wounded.

It is at least a fourth accident in 12 months that I'm aware of. While the performance of the rescue services deserves respect and admiration, those who are responsible for keeping these accidents from happening do nothing.
After the accident a year ago near Kiriat Malakhi, the Ministry Of Transportation took an oath to improve the situation on the railways crosses, but then came the elections, ant the railways were forgotten.
The saddest thing is that the solution to the problem is known, and was discussed. Multi-level intersections (basically bridges) are the safest ant the most effective solution, ever invented. Only this January, head of MOT, Arie Barom has asked on the government meeting for a budget for building 154 such intersections. Unfortunately, the agreed and financed program hasn't even began.
Perhaps they are waiting for another accident to happen.

This was loosely translated article, originally written by Sergey Bavli, on Mignews.com

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