Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Technical issues

Found out that fixing the IE bug in my blog isn't that easy to fix. I thought that I've messed something up but actually the original template that I used, doesn't work for IE too. So I'm struggling to make this template work in IE too. I don't want to become a hypocrite by discriminating IE users the same way it's done to other browser users by some unwitting web designers.

Another issue is unreliable Blogger operation for the last couple of days, which in turn doesn't help me fixing the bug.

Update: problem fixed.
While at it, I redesigned the blog again.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Looks much better that way. I like the multicolored stripes. It's more flowing this way.

So you have an anti-discriminatory policy on your blog, huh? : D

Yury Puzis said...

I think you whould start a comic about Woland & co. on your blog. It looks so apropriate, lol.

Yury Puzis said...

should (not whould)

Woland said...

Irina - I always complain when some web designer was to lazy or incompetent to make his site available for all browsers, so I wouldn't want to be one myself.

Y.P - Actually I'm perfecting my drawing skills for starting one. So you can stop worrying, I won't take your spot in wild doomsday conspiracy theories. :D

Seth said...

I have never seen the original article, but I have seen it with the title "European Life Died in Auschwitz" instead of what was on my page "European Life is Dead."

I'm not sure how you can find the original source, but the article has been posted on several blogs, so I'm sure someone must know.

Seth said...

this is the closest I got. i don't know if the name of the paper is printed next to his name or what, but there is the option of emailing the source and finding out.

Woland said...

Thanks, Seth.