Saturday, February 04, 2006

Seek for the reason

Almost everybody who was writing or talking in the last week has mentioned in this way or another about the outrage of the Muslim world over the cartoons published in the Danish newspaper.
It is quite obvious, that like in other cases of "spontaneous" mass public outrage, it is a well planned and organized. I would like to speculate on the reasons behind this plan:
  • Show of force, to make the infidels shake, while reassuring their supporters.
  • An easy way to rally supporters to their cause, to radicalize the public opinion in Muslim population, further alienating it from the western world.
  • To keep the public attention from the matters concerning scandals in Islamic countries, like Iranian nuclear program, Hamas victory in the PA and etc. I don't know if the Iranians are behind this, I'm sure that Hamas isn't, but unquestionably they use it for their benefit.
I'm sure that many of the Muslims were genuinely offended by these cartoons, but I know without any shade of the doubt, that this nothing more than a cynical tool for Islamic radicals.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Whether the cartoon was in very poor taste or not is a matter of aesthetics and judgment. The real issue at stake, however, is the freedom of expression/speech. Here, in the U.S., you could get away with the most racist of cartoons, even anti-Muslim, and no riot will ensue. But because in Europe, limitations on speech are expected, Europeans will find themselves more and more often having to cater to various pressure groups - such as this radicalized mob.

Woland said...

I tend to disagree, Europeans care about freedom of speech as much as Americans. Europe has another problem, they are caught in their own believes, so they cannot see the truth, that if they do not care to protect themselves, they would loose the very thing they so cherish.

Irina Tsukerman said...

I don't think anyone could be THAT naive... I'm sure a great many people know what's going on and aren't crazy about the fifth column in their midst... But they are so used to presenting themselves a certain way, that now they can't break out of their own self-image.