Monday, June 20, 2005

You start to respect freedom when you loose it

It is true with every thing. From small things to the real important ones. Now I write these words on a computer in Ben Gurion University. I often was annoyed by the lack of professionalism of the IT staff in HAIT, but after a brief acquaintance with BGU computer policies I prefer what I'm used to. As a user here, you are confined to a little space the put you into, and nothing more. You can change or adjust nothing, not even use right click anywhere but in the allowed programs.
Well, this encounter taught me a couple of things. First - be happy with what you have, it could be a lot worse. Second - now I know why people so opposed to the little new rules applied, you never like when someone takes your freedom.

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Yury Puzis said...

I think the reason is not the "amazing" properties of freedom that make us treat it like that. People get used to everything very quickly, up to the point it blends into the background and dissapears. So you could say that you lost your freedom twice, with regard to your incident. Only in tow different ways.
Pluto said that there are two kinds of blindness. One caused by lack of light. The other caused by excess of it. I guess we should add another one to this list.