Friday, June 10, 2005

Pen and Paper

Using my notebook (real one, not a computer) I revived my blog. Funny considering myself a part of the digital age, I still feel more comfortable writing down my thoughts at first at paper and only then transferring my them to the web. Is it just because I type badly, or there is something about the old pen and paper?
Fixed a few mistypes (thanks Durin), sorry I usually proof my posts.


master-durin said...

" Is is just becouse I type badly "???

Yury Puzis said...

Right, a? :) Probably the first? :)

But seriously, I have to agree. There is something. Whatever we write on serves as a medium (the "neutral force") between us and the targeted idea we are trying to convey. A comparison would be ionized water between two electrodes. The nature of such medium makes a lot of difference.

Irina Tsukerman said...

Writing is to blogging as reading a book is to reading news online. The second parts of the analogy are but a poor (though convenient) ersatz. When I hold paper and pen (or a book, I feel the ideas being transferred directly. Holding a book I get the sense of the author, though it's probably in my imagination. A blog doesn't feel as "real". Your ideas just spin away and go somewhere, that's why so many people write all sorts of nonsense on the blog, not feeling the direct impact.

Woland said...

Tend to agree somewhat... That is correct for some people, but not for all. Many people write rubbish on paper, just as well as online.
Besides I read quite a few books online :-)