Tuesday, August 14, 2007

SCO "You are stealing from us, but we won't tell you what" looses legal battle

Happy day to all!

Well, one idiotic, yet dangerous legal battle is over.
Court has stated that all rights for Unix and UnixWare are property on Novell and SCO can't claim any right on it. Furthermore, SCO can't sue anyone for "stealing" something that they don't own and must transfer all the royalties collected by SCO from Unix licences (often by using intimidation) to their rightful owner - Novel.
As a result SCO shares dipped 71% in a single day. I'm waiting for the day that SCO would file for bankruptcy.

Read Groklaw for more.

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Yury Puzis said...

and so they do, finally.

one thing though - I wouldn't be looking at their stock, it is acting crazy for several years now. it could as well go up after the news. why would it drop for example, if it was obvious they will loose for a long time already? who held the stock? I bet the only people remaining are idiots and people with special interests.