Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A sad mistake

I would like to share a story about an event that took place last Sunday, right under my nose, in a small town, where I live called Bney Aish. The next day I started to hear rumors that a terrorist was caught in my town. The rumors also told that the police brought the sapper robot to destroy his explosives charge. I searched the media for this event and found nothing. So I started to ask people, and so I present you what I believe is the most accurate version of events that too place.
A cleaning lady at the local sport center saw a young man, wearing a thick jacket and holding a large bag, standing as waiting for something. This raised her suspicion and some other's who were nearby. Someone has approached the young man and asked him to identify himself. Instead of answering he started to run, surely making everyone to believe that their suspicions are true. The men who were nearby chased and caught him, while the cleaning lady called the police. The over enthusiastic people who caught him, didn't wait for the police and strip searched the "terrorist"; giving him some beating by the way. When the police arrived they took custody of the suspect, and started a routine procedure regarding his bag. In other words they brought the sapper robot to shoot holes in it.
Eventually the "terrorist" turned out to be a Bedouin who lived in a rented apartment nearby. Ironically he was awaiting a ride to an army base since he was summoned to serve in the IDF.
I'm really sad about this incident. I don't know what made him run away. Perhaps he was intimidated by the people coming at him.


Yury Puzis said...

Wow. Vey sad. Stupid people.

Woland said...

Are they?
What would you do if you were in their place?

Yury Puzis said...

I never said I am not stupid ;)