Friday, November 04, 2005

Why McAfee Viruscan is a bad antivirus software

I'm looking for a good antivirus software for a windows machine. One of my options was McAfee Viruscan. I tried to enter their online store, but instead of getting to the store I got "Incompatible browser" notice and an invitation to download Microsoft Internet Explorer. I contacted their customer support team. To their defense, it is quick and offers a live chat with a human representative. From the representative I learned that McAfee probably will not support anything but IE in the near future, and what is worse, if you are using a different browser you would not be protected by McAfee Viruscan. Therefore I can conclude without any shade of a doubt that McAfee Viruscan is a bad antivirus software.

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Erik said...

YES, I could not run the McAfee from Mozilla Firefox. This was bad but may not be terrible. The antivirus will still scan the hard disk for viruses. I use Firefox and McAfee runs just fine in the background.

Oak Ridge, TN