Monday, May 30, 2005

Wars of civilizations

Grimly, as I look at the development of the situation around the world, I see a frightening trend, that could endanger the very existence of the western civilization and culture.
In recent decades, there was a wide spread of beautiful ideal of equality and human rights in the western societies. Unfortunately many in the western world, in their believe in their values, forget that there are different cultures with different values and attitudes. Ironically, in our believe in freedom of choice, we forget that some cultures made their choice centuries ago, and it differs from ours. No wonder that they call us hypocrites, and the use our values and believes against us.
We as carriers of western civilization and culture, must remember that there are others, who don't share our principles, and act accordingly, not just for our values, but for sake of our culture, for sake of our civilization.

P.S. (Added at June 6)
To anyone who might had misunderstood me, I believe that society that isn't capable of defending itself, can't exist. If we don't learn to speak the language of those who don't want speak ours, then we are in trouble. And if it is a language of force, then so be it. It is a matter of survival.

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